- Terms and Conditions -

Warranty, Loyalty and Covenant Terms (the terms herein may be upated without notice)

1. Our custom watches are NOT RETURABLE, but DO follow the conditions below. Please do your due-diligence before purchasing as we will not accept any returns based on accidental purchase, fitment, or changing of one's mind.

2. One year craftsmanship policy for Hands, Bezel inserts, and Movements: This means that within one year if the hands become loose, bezel insert falls out, or the movement (automatic, not battery movements) stops, we will repair and replace (including shipping) at our expense.

3. 5 year repair policy: If you break it, we’ll fix it at a discount of 20% off plus parts, shipping/insurance not included.

4. 5 year update/mod policy: If you want to upgrade your timepiece, we will offer you a discount on labor at 50% off. All you’ll have to pay is for parts and shipping.

5. Although most of our watches are pressure (water) tested, we DO NOT warranty for water damage as most automatic watches use a screw-down crown and this is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the watch fitted and secured properly.

6. On our email list? Bought a watch from us? Excellent! You’ll receive special discounts based on your affiliation with our company. The more you buy, the more you save!

Fraud and Theft

Our goal is to see ever single transaction completed in a satisfactory fashion for our clients. With this said, please be aware that Jadeion, LLC has their own IN HOUSE investigative staff that overlooks each transaction for authenticity and security purposes. If at any time a flag is raised from your purchase such as invalid address, suspicious paypal accounts, mismatched information, or any other suspicious activity, you may be contacted before we ship your purchase for verification. We also find it very important that you communicate with us if we reach out to you via email or phone call. This ensures we know who you are and can get your purchase to you safely and in a timely manor. Lastly, please be aware that we DO work with local law enforcement across the US and WILL prosecute against fraudulent purchases at the highest level possible.


Jadeion, LLC’s Cerakote Partners specialize exclusively in cerakote applications, a top-tier service that enhances both the aesthetic and protective aspects of your timepieces. Their craft focuses on elevating the visual appeal of your watches through customized solid color, multiple color and, one-of-a-kind thematic designs, and the meticulous restoration of metal or related elements. With a reputation for providing unrivaled cerakote coatings, known for their superior corrosion resistance, we are committed to offering a service that stands out, albeit they aren't impervious to damage from materials harder than the coating such as stones or metals. For optimal durability, we advise handling your coated timepieces with care.

We would like to clearly state that Jadeion, LLC and their partners function strictly as a cerakote application specialist and not a comprehensive watch repair shop. Our services are confined to cosmetic customization and surface protection, unless you need your timepiece broken down before the process, which entails specific models (so we have parts in stock) at a given time outlined on our cerakote service page. We do not take on the responsibility of ensuring the mechanical performance of your timepiece after the cerakote application, but can offer timegraphing or pressure testing upon request. It's pertinent to mention that cerakote applications may marginally alter the thickness in certain areas, potentially affecting the seamless operation of components. This minor issue can be rectified through light sanding, which is the responsibility of the timepiece owner unless we are contracted to re-install (re-build) the timepiece once the cerakoting work is complete.

In case we assist with the reassembly of your timepiece, we wish to underscore that the duty of conducting a detailed function test and break-in resides with you. It is essential to personally verify the functionality and safety of the modified timepiece. When availing reassembly services, you will be required to acknowledge the information herein as a formal agreement that Jadeion, LLC cannot guarantee the complete functionality and safety of the reassembled timepiece, as it transcends our area of ability unless contracted otherwise.

We cherish your trust and are devoted to delivering outstanding cerakote services. If you harbor any concerns, we suggest you send only the parts you desire to have coated. You can later assemble them personally or involve us to take up this responsibility.


Jadeion, LLC is not endorsed, licensed, authorized or affiliated with Seiko, Omega, Citizen, Tudor, Rolex, Panerai, Orient, or any other company in which our products may resemble. All of our custom timepieces are meant to be original works. Any similarities in design to any other watches are purely coincidental. Our timepieces are NOT intended to replicate any other company's designs or copyrighted property. Any and all use of brand names (such as dial badges and/or logos) are purchased legally through aftermarket suppliers. Jadeion, LLC does not assume any responsibility for any type of copyright infringement from the original suppliers of these parts. All suppliers are assumed to have permission from said companies to use their name and/or logos.


All payments are through Paypal. Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express can also be processed through Paypal.

Immediate payment is required. If you want to combine shipping on multiple purchases, please contact us before processing payment.

Sales tax of 6% will be charged for purchases sent to Michigan addresses.

Items will only be shipped once payment has been confirmed as received.


If you contract us to do a custom build and have made the initial parts (or full build) payment, but do not reply to our attempts to get ahold of you to ship the finished timepiece/s within 14 days, you hereby acknowledge forfeiture of your initial and/or all prior payments.


First and foremost we want our Jadeion customers to be completely satisfied with their buying experience. We try to post as many pictures as possible, and list any details that may effect a sale. All watches are extensively photographed and inspected prior to shipping and are in perfect working order, unless stated otherwise. If you have a problem with a watch you purchased, please refer to the warranty information above as we no longer accept returns.

Please closely look over all photos and descriptions in listings before committing to a purchase.

We do NOT provide refunds for damages outside of our control including water damaged as mentioned above.


We currently ship all over the world, but are based in the US (Michigan) and primarily ship within the continental US. If you need international shipping certain terms and conditions will apply.

We hold no liability once watches have been given (with proof of tracking) to USPS (or any other shipper) by either us, or packages you ship to us.. If this is a problem, you are more than welcome to have us add shipping insurance for an additional fee.

Buyer is responsible for the correct shipping address at the time of payment, and for any taxes, duties, import fees that may apply.

We ship with USPS only, within 1-2 business from the time of payment.

Shipping times by the carrier may be affected by volume (holiday season) and other circumstances (weather, pandemic, etc.). You will be provided with a tracking number once package has shipped.

We will do discounted shipping on multiple items. Please contact us before processing payment.