Professional Timepiece Cerakoting Services

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Once Received

7-30 days to ship

Our Cerakoting Process

How It Works

Tear Down (If applicable)

Your watch will be torn down to bare metal so that it may be prepared (Sandblasted) for the cerakoting process.


Once torn down, your watch will be sandblasted so that the cerakote has a good base to adhere.


Now that the metal is prepared, the watch will be professionally cerakoted then baked.

Reasembled and Shipped

Once complete, your watch will be reassembled and then shipped to you.

Color Services

Current Services and Models

We offer both one color (least expensive) and two-tone coloring, as well as faded, battle worn, patterned, and custom colors. Because of the price of Cerakote itself, if a custom color (or colors) outside of what is currently in stock (see list below), there will additional costs. Prices quoted will include custom shipping options (insurances) as well.

Model Types

As of now we will be offering services for all SKX models (yes, even aftermarket versions), Tuna, Samurai, Turtle, as well as Sub-style cases, G-shocks, and any other watch we have parts for, if WE have to tear the watch down in preparation for Cerakoting. This is because there is always risk involved on working with older or unique models. We are a full service watch company and have most of the tools for small repairs.

Please understand that if we decided to work on a vintage watch we run the risk and delay of needing parts if we are the ones who do the tear down.

If you are able to send a pre-torn down (bare metal) case, we can cerakote it no matter the model. Just keep in mind some tolerances may be altered during the process, which could result in professional servicing for.


Below are a few examples of recent builds. Please see current color options below for a list of what we have in stock.

[PFG id=9093]

Meet Your Craftsman

Matt Isenberg and Adam King

Adam King is the owner of Jadeion Watch Co, and the CEO of Horology Hub, a Watch builder's agency that teaches watch builders everything about the business.

Adam King

Owner Jadeion, LLC

Matt Isenberg is a Marine Corps veteran, prior law enforcement, and National Guard veteran.

He is the owner of First Line Gunworks LLC, a factory-trained and certified Cerakote 


Matt Isenberg

Cerakoting Specialist

Pricing Options

The pricing below covers one, two, or patterned colors for a TORN DOWN watch, aka case, bezel, crown and caseback. If you require the bracelet/plastic strap* to be cerakoted (we do NOT tear bracelets or straps down), then we will please ask that you add $35 to the order.

If you want us to tear down your watch, no problem. The price is $145 plus an additional $25 for shipping between our two studios, which will also add a shipping time to the order. If you have any questions, please use the form above and we'll get back with you ASAP!


We CAN Cerakote plastic/silicone straps such as the G-Shock example on this page. The cerakote WILL bend, but will have natural cracking. So please keep that in mind!

One Color

One color in stock.

Two Color

Two color in stock

Battle Worn

Two color battle worn in stock.


Specialty Patterns

Tear Down

Complete tear down of your watch for Cerakote preparation, which includes re-assembly and pressure test. Please note: If new gaskets or other related parts are required, you will be billed accordingly.

Pressure Test and Timegraph

Water pressure test and timegraph for accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is Cerakote?

Here is a link that best answer this question. CLICK HERE However, from first person experience, cerakote is incredibly resilient on a wrist watch, but varies on how you use it. If you're wearing it normally (instead of while working on a car), it could last the lifetime of the watch.

Is Cerakoting a watch affordable?

Without a doubt Cerakoting is a specialized service. It takes expertise, knowledge and experience to apply the coating properly in order to get the best, most resilient finish. This takes not only time, but also cost in materials. In short, it's affordable based on what it is.

How long does it take?

Depending on where you live, the process can take (including shipping times) anywhere from a week to a month or more. The more specialized the service, the longer it may take.

Is the work guaranteed?

Absolutely. All work is guaranteed, but please understand that sandblasting and cerakoting isn't meant to remove deep scratches or dents within your timepiece. Also, we do not warranty customer damage, of course. However, we do offer a touch-up service discount if you abuse your watch and want it refinished in the future.

What does tear-down mean?

Tear down means that we strip the watch for you so that it is down to bare metal (no gaskets, crystals, crowns, casebacks, etc). This is why we only accept this service with specific models such as Seiko SKX and other related variants. Since we're also watch builders, we have many of these types of models and their respective parts in stock. There is an extra cost for this service, so if you're able to tear down our own watch before sending it to us you will save money.

Can you do my Rolex?

As long as you understand that our process completely revamps the watch, this is up to you. Will we tear it down for you? As long as we have all of the parts to see it put back together properly. With that said, we aren't currently excited about performing a $200 job on a $20,000 watch.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, are a full-service builder and modding service. We can pressure test and timegraph (automatic movements) as well as provide battery replaced to quartz watches. Please see "Services" on the main page for a complete list of services.

Do you Cerakote bands/straps?

We can (and do) Cerakote steel bracelets. We have even done silocone straps (such as those on G-shocks). Cerakote is extremely flexible, but we must share a disclaimer. When Cerakoting silicone, once it bends, it takes on a kind of cracked leather appearance. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but we must make you aware of it. Obviously Cerakote will last longer on steel.

Does Cerakote affect water resistence?

Yes, but in a good way. In fact, Cerakote can increase tolerances around crystal, crown, and caseback gaskets, which can make a water resistant watch more resistant.

Can you Cerakote over engraving?

Absolutely. But keep in mind Cerakote will fill in fine lines, which could give you an unfavorable results in the patterns.

What if I don't like the Cerakote?

One of the most important parts of the Cerakoting process is sandblasting the metal in order to prepare it for Cerakote adhesion. In short, if you Cerakote a watch, there's no way of bringing it back to factory condition without a major overhaul.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. Depending on if it's two watches, twenty, or two hundred, we can offer handsome discounts. Please use the form above to get started.