Bringing the Dead Back to Life.

Have a modded (Seiko mod) watch that not longer works, is beat up and needs a new face, or brings you joy? Instead of spending the money on a new timepiece, maybe it's time to bring yours into a new light.

What is a Resurrection Mod?

Labor Price List

Resurrection Examples

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Live Twice

What is a Resurrection Mod?

  • A Resurrection Mod is a (Seiko Mod) that has been re-designed, re-built, and/or re-purposed to be come better than ever before.
  • We take your EXISTING Seiko Mod, re-mod it and make it to your preferences at a cost that won't kill your wallet.
  • Each piece is restored (and built) exclusively by Adam, so that you can be assured you have a fully functional one-of-a-kind piece.


Fill out the form below and share any work you may want done. And don’t worry, we can help with design!

See Ideas

We will send you ideas with a parts list of what can bring your vision to life.


Once the desired parts are chosen, you will receive an estimate of all parts and labor costs so you can make a decision.

The Magic

Once we settle on a design and cost, we will build your new one-of-a-kind timepiece to your preferences.

Custom Labor Price List

The following price list is for all labor services that can be done during the "resurrection" of your timepiece. Parts prices will be added specifically for your build once you fill out the form above. You are under NO obligation to pay anything until you are ready for us to perform the work.

*Please Note: The prices below are for single jobs. For example, if a crystal was replaced, and that was it, the price would be $55. However, if the crystal was replaced as well as the dial, movement, hands, etc., then those other labor costs would be either heavily discounted, or removed entirely as they would be part of the process for other jobs. ALL of these cost discounts will be outlined during the initial contact phase. So yes, this would make the job far less expensive than adding all costs up below. The most you could ever pay for an entire watch build (from scratch) would be $220 labor.


Case Upgrade - $145

Bezel and Insert

Bezel Upgrade - $55

Bezel Insert Upgrade - $55


Caseback Upgrade - $25

Chapter Ring

Bezel Replacement - 60


Crown Upgrade - $25


Crystal Upgrade - $55


Dial Upgrade - $65


Hands Upgrade - $65

Movement/Day/Date Wheel

Movement Upgrade - $145

Day/Date Wheel Upgrade - $75

Pressure Test and Timegraph

Pressure Testing (to 6ATM)

Timegraph and Adjust - $45

Please note: If an extra parts are required (such as a new crystal or bezel gasket), those prices will be discussed before or during the rebuild process.

Let's Build Something Beautiful Together!

Use the form to get started. We will get back with you (with ideas) in a day or two.


Note: This form is ONLY for sending your watch ideas. You will NOT be put on an email list, only responded to about your build.

If your image fails to send, we will email you directly for any that may not go through. Image sizes cap at 8MB and PNG or JPEG are preferred.

Resurrection Examples

All of the watches below began as a custom build, old timepiece someone wanted upgraded, or simply a blank slate that a Client wanted freshened.