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Below you will find all of your Jadeion VIP benefits (MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP TO THE VIP EMAIL LIST!) as well as how to set your automatic watch without damaging it, and everything you need to know about your specific Jadeion build. Simply scroll down to see everything on this page.

Now that you own a Jadeion timepiece, it's time to get some benefits.

  1. You will never have to pay full price again! Simply signup to our VIP list below and you will receive private offerings, discounts, updates, and other special incentives.
  2. Below is a curated video on how to set your watch. Since most of our watches use automatic movements with screw down crowns (not all of them, though), it's important to know how to set it. This will insure your watch will always be safely set!
  3. From time to time new parts will come to market. When this happens you will get first crack and upgrading your watch. This means if that bezel insert or crystal got scratched, or if you've simply gotten tired of the color, this is for you. You will receive updates AND discounts for upgrades via labor and parts!

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If you own a watch this is why you are here! Please add yourself to the VIP client list below. By signing up you will NEVER pay full price for one of our watches or services again! You will also be added to our exclusive VIP email list, which means you'll get first crack at new builds, special offers and coupons!

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Mecha-Quartz Watches

A Quick Note About Mecha-Quartz watches.

Mech-Quartz watches are nothing short of amazing as they combine the reliability of a quartz watch with the functionality of a mechanical. Regardless, we would like to make you aware of a function of the chronograph that is different than non-mechanical chronograph movements. Since this is a mechanical/quartz movement, everything is set to run on a single set of gears. This means that the chronograph hands cannot be adjusted individually since they are all tied together. A trick we've come to use (if the second hand becomes uncentered, which requires it to be removed and put back on), is to simply click the top right button quickly until the hand is lined up at top dead center, or 12 o'clock. This is a simple solution for those of us with OCD (respectively) who must have the second hand perfectly centered.

Below is a link to learn everything you need to know about this movement.