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Adam King

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Special Project

It's Time to Bring Your SeikoMod Back from the Dead

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Written by Adam King.

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Want a fully custom built watch by Jadeion and join the already hundreds of satisfied clients? Check out the Custom Watch Builder page, fill out the form and let's get you started!

You will receive a confirmation email with information on possibilities and costs. And don't worry, only use the highest quality parts available!

Adam King

Owner Jadeion Custom Watches


It's time to Relax!

Brand new limited edition series! Choose from four custom Relax builds!


The Jadeion Dragon

Honor those who work tirelessly to support a better world. Each needs a reminder that they are important and appreciated. This is what the Jadeion Dragon represents.

In the book Think and Grow Rich, there's a section that talks about when a man fails at his sales quota, a good tactic is to purchase something expensive (like a watch)

to congratulate himself for the hard effort he put in. This is a reflective agent towards shame, self-loathing and even depression because it gives him a new honor to look forward towards balancing.

Without a doubt, Dragons are a representation of that same strength, both masculine and feminine. That's the point. What's even better than Dragons is taking care of your customers and expressing that same honor towards ones self. And what's even more badass than that, is showing the world how you did it.

Jadeion began in 2017 with a simple idea in mind. Take care of people by producing something measurable towards their success. This is why we buy watches. They are an extension of us, the piece of us that tells the world what we think of ourselves.

In 2020 our story restructured to help people understand how to grow a business through a program called the Tesserean Catalyst. Catalyst is based on the concepts of the Tessera Method, which is a perspective growth program by Adam King that was launched in 2009. The Tessera Method was meant to offer people the chance to see the world in new light, with new hope, all while initiating what's called Parallel Awareness. In short, the Tessera Method (now known as the Tesserean work), is meant to rid the practitioner of ignorance based on sole-narrative, whether taught, or developed through one's lifetime.

This brings us full circle to Jadeion. Jadeion is a watch company dialed in to the result of the Tesserean work. It is meant to hold each customer/client in complete empathy and respect. This is what it's all about. When we do good, no matter the outcome, we should be rewarded. And nothing is a better reward than to know you're not alone and that someone like-minded is watching your back.

"In a world of competition, rarely do we take care of those who put food on our family's table. Honor them so that they may be rewarded for their efforts."

Meet Adam King

Adam is the owner of Jadeion Watch Co, and CEO of Horology Hub, an agency that offers brand and marketing support for both watch builders and microbrands. He is also a graphic artist, writer, composer, watch builder, speaker (real estate investing, internet marketing and personal growth) and serial entrepreneur with boundless perspective and creativity. He has either co-founded, developed, or helped fund the creation of best-selling books on Amazon, on and offline teaching programs, social media channels, corporate training, and brand creation for well over a hundred projects. These projects and programs include internet marketing strategies, website development, real estate investing, personal growth, and the building of online communities that provide leverage for companies to accentuate their message and amplify their reach.

In 2008 - after exiting the real estate market as a private lender - he co-founded Mosaic Internet Success. MIS was a creative article writing and teaching platform built around a global community that not only created a movement, but also resulted in massive revenue for the health and wellness industry.

He is currently building custom watches for Jadeion, running Horology Hub with many well known Clients around the globe, and working as the Creative Asset Director for PWPORG.ORG, as he helps design the platform which helps the individuals understand preparedness and resiliency at the family and community level.

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